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Product strategy and implementation are being disrupted by recent advances in data-science. You will be left out unless you understand both, data-science and business. This blog explores concepts at the interface of both fields (with a bit of bias towards the utilities industry, perhaps).

The Author

On week-days, Akshay leads global teams building data-science products in the utilities space. On weekends, he plays with his daughter and wife, while exploring blues riffs on his two guitars.

He has 15+ years of experience in utilities, real-estate, governmental services, healthcare, business studies and various other industries. He has a Bachelors of Computing from NUS and an MBA from NTU and IESE. He is also doing an MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech in spare time. Full resume at LinkedIn.

Yes, he is very proud of that very clever pun between his real name and the name of this blog.

Blog Resources

1. Overall Blog

Hosted on GitHub Pages using jekyll / minima

You can find the source code for Jekyll at GitHub: jekyll / jekyll

Coming up : Brief how-to on setting up your own blog/ custom domain quickly on GitHub Pages. It can be confusing.

2. Individual Data Apps

Chances are that you’ve come here after seeing a data-app that Akshay hand-crafted somewhere. Each of the sub-sites are their respective GitHub projects, mostly written in Python and hosted in Heroku.

If you haven’t seen any data-app as yet, don’t worry. You’re waay ahead of the curve. They’re being brewed.